Posted on May 12, 2018

Autism Acupuncture

In what age can an autistic child commence receiving acupuncture treatment?
As young as possible! Research found that human language and social attachment develop as early as new born, peak at 5-8 years old and then slow down at adolescence. Once they have been diagnosed with ASD, or specific symptoms and signs been noticed such as stereotypes, little eye contact, language delay and irritability, acupuncture should be started to treat these symptoms. ASD children aged from 3-8 years old respond effectively to the treatment much better than those after adolescence. Generally speaking, an autistic child can start acupuncture treatment after 2-3 years of age after complete closure of the fontanel.

How long can a child do acupuncture? And how long does each session take?
Since autism is a neuro-psychiatric and developmental disorder, in general a treatment could take months to years depending on individual improvement targets. Each child is unique and so each treatment plan should be tailored to address specific needs. One treatment course takes 20-30 sessions with 2-3 times per week. In some well-responded children, the parents have reported noticeable improvement after a few sessions. Each session may take 40-50 minutes except for the initial visit that an extra 30-40 minutes is used for the diagnosis and assessment.
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